Is It Safe To Exchange Phone On Amazon?

Can I use Amazon exchange offer and no cost EMI at the same time?

Can I use the No cost EMI payment option to pay for purchase on Exchange offer.

Yes, if your product is eligible for both Exchange Offer & No cost EMI.

In that case, your EMI amount will be calculated on the reduced amount (after deducting the Exchange value)..

Can I cancel Exchange in Amazon?

To cancel your request for a refund: Go to Your Orders. Locate your order in the list and select Problem with an order. Select Cancel Request.

Can we exchange 2 Phones on Amazon?

Can I exchange more than one used products to buy one new one? No, you can exchange only one used product per new product.

How do I transfer my old phone to my new phone?

Evaluate old device. Select the device which you wish to exchange. … Get exchange coupon. Your Mi account will be credited with the exchange value coupon, instantly.Place new order. Place a new smartphone order & use the exchange value coupon during checkout.Keep old phone ready.

How long do Amazon exchanges take?

You’ll need to return items within 30 days. Just be aware that if you opt for an instant refund, the request will be processed instantly but it may take 5-7 business days for it to display on your payment card statement.

Is it safe to exchange phone?

It is safe to sell old devices like smartphones or laptops only once they have been properly cleaned of important data, which one does not want to be exposed.

Does Amazon accept broken phone in exchange?

No. If you are returning a Mobile, Laptop or TV, such Used Product must be in working condition, and the display / screen of the Used Product should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discoloration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner.

What does Amazon do with old phones?

If your phone is not in a usable condition, it would be returned to the manufacturer to be used in R&D or its parts would be used in other devices which need repairing. In both the scenarios, its not just the customer who saves money, but companies like Flipkart/Amazon makes some profit as well.

How do I exchange my old mobile on Amazon?

To place an order with exchange:Select the With Exchange option.To confirm that the product is eligible for exchange at your delivery location, ensure that the pin code entered in the Deliver to field is for the desired location for delivery of the new product (and pickup of the used product).More items…

Where can I exchange my old phone for a new one?

Mobile phone exchange offer on Flipkart lets you exchange your old mobile for a new mobile at the right prices. With new mobiles emerging in the market frequently, all smartphone lovers would be curious to buy latest mobiles online and operate them in order to enjoy the new technological experience.

Can phones be returned on Amazon?

Buyers will no longer be able to return the mobile phones purchased on Amazon unless the item is damaged, missing, or defective, as per their new returns policy. “All mobile phones that are fulfilled by Amazon, purchased on or after 7th February 2016, will have a replacement only policy.

Can broken screen phone be exchanged?

This means you can even exchange phones with broken screens or other body damage. There is just one criteria that you need to follow — the mobile phone you want to exchange should be in working condition. Exchange any make or model or smartphone: Flipkart will also accept old smartphones that other platforms don’t.

Is it safe to exchange mobile on Amazon?

As there is no standardisation in the space. These old used phones are sold to offline distributors where they are liquidated easily. But so far, flikpart/ amazon exchange rates are 10–20% less than the market average. You can check Recash to get the best value for your phone.

Does Amazon check exchange products?

The Exchange Offer program on allows you to exchange your used product for a discount on a new product of the same category. … At the time of delivery of the new product, we will inspect the used product and pick it up, making the process simple and hassle free.

What is Amazon exchange policy?

If your product is eligible for a refund as per the return policy, the order amount you have paid will be refunded to you as per the said policy. The Exchange Offer value for your used product will be credited to your account in the form of Amazon Gift card issued by QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited.