Quick Answer: Are Greyhound Buses Comfortable?

What is the best seat on a Greyhound bus?

The back of the bus you have a better chance at securing two seats, since most people select their seat by the time they’re half-way down the aisle.

The back of the bus tends to be livelier, and people tend to become friendlier and more acquainted with their neighbor passengers..

Are there toilets on buses?

Yes, many inter-city buses have toilets on board. No, a bus toilet is not going to be the nicest toilet you have ever encountered. Not in any absolutely sense, anyway. But keep in mind that inter-city buses often travel for a few hours between stops.

Is there WIFI on Greyhound?

Wi-Fi is free on all Greyhound buses, and for all passengers.

Can I get on a Greyhound bus without an ID?

To travel on a bus within a metropolitan area, all you need is a schedule and fare. To ride to locations far and wide across the U.S., you’ll need photo ID for a ticket on Greyhound. … Whether you print a ticket on your home computer or pick it up at the Greyhound counter, you’ll have to show a photo ID.

How dangerous is Greyhound bus?

Greyhound buses and stations aren’t actually dangerous, though you may meet some people you’d rather not know. If anyone seriously harrasses you, speak to the driver or an employee of the bus company. … Bus passengers can be odd and most bus stations are in scary run down parts of town.

Can you buy a Greyhound ticket with cash?

When buying tickets in person, you can pay with cash, or with a personal check at Greyhound stations. Passengers who do not have a credit or debit card can make reservations online and pay for their tickets at a Greyhound station, or at 7-Eleven or ACE Cash Express stores.

Does Greyhound weigh your luggage?

Unlike your carry-on, your checked bags will be weighed to make sure they are not overweight. If your bag is overweight, you might have to ship it to your destination via Greyhound Package Express. Overweight bags that weigh between 51-75 lbs. … A standard-sized carry on bag will fit in the overhead bins just fine.

Do you need an ID to ride a Greyhound bus?

Do I need an ID to board my bus? Yes, Greyhound requires you to present an ID to an agent to board the bus. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements.

How do you survive a Greyhound bus?

10 Tips for Your First Greyhound Bus TripArrive at Least an Hour Before Departure. … Get in Your Boarding Line as Soon as Possible. … Make Sure Your Checked Bags Stand Out. … Sit Near the Front of the Bus. … Don’t Trust the Bathroom on the Bus. … Keep Your Carry-On Bag With You. … Follow the Bus Driver’s Rules During Breaks. … Don’t Lose Your Ticket or Re-Boarding Pass.More items…•

Is Megabus or Greyhound better?

We found the Megabus website to be easier to navigate than the Greyhound one. While the last one might seem a bit more sleek and professional, the Megabus one gave more informations and possibilities to easily check for the best itinerary.

Do Greyhound buses have bathrooms?

Yes, there are bathrooms on all Greyhound buses. They are located at the rear of the bus. They are pretty basic and only contain a toilet and hopefully some toilet paper. There is no running water and the toilet doesn’t even flush.

Do you tip Greyhound drivers?

Its a regular Greyhound and Greyhound drivers aren’t tipped! Perhaps if they help with luggage, make a put stop @ a good place etc. you may want to tip them if they are allowed to accept tips!

Do Greyhound bus seats recline?

Greyhound buses are comfortable, but if you sit on them for more than four hours the ride can become a real pain. The seats do recline quite far back, so you might be able to get some good sleep.

Can you bring a blanket on a Greyhound bus?

You can bring your laptop in a laptop case onboard, plus one other piece of small—yes, small—luggage. Figure on about six inches high by eighteen inches by another eighteen inches. Carry your blanket and your pillow in your arm— wrapped tightly so that they look small. Small does sell in Greyhound buses.

Can you eat on Greyhound buses?

We don’t sell food or drink on our buses, so it’s a good idea to stock up on food and drinks before boarding (not alcoholic drinks though, they’re not allowed). But if you forget, the bus does stop frequently (check your itinerary to see how often), and some stops will have places to buy food.

Do they search your bags on Greyhound?

“Cops routinely board Greyhound buses and ask passengers to search their luggage,” Theshia Naidoo, a legal director with the Drug Policy Alliance, tells ConsumerAffairs. “If a person consents to the search, there is no fourth amendment protections relating to the search.”

Is it safe to sleep on a Greyhound bus?

In most cases your fellow passengers would look out for you even before you have a chance to get the driver involved. I think that overnight traveling on the Greyhound bus is pretty safe for women. I’ve been on countless overnight bus trips with women and I’ve never seen any of them have an incident.

Is there assigned seating on Greyhound?

We don’t assign seat numbers, so you can take any available seat on the bus. However, we do reserve the front row seats for customers with disabilities, the elderly and unaccompanied children.